The college and schools of Pune District Education Association's (PDEA) colleges are place of knowledge where students receive quality education and develop capabilities to accept challenges for competitions.

Our trust, founded in 1941 with the vision of 'Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay' and the mission of providing basic education to eradicate illiteracy prevalent. As the need of time the vision of basic education is spreads and now has blossomed into of Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary Schools / Colleges with Law, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Technical institutions. Now we enter in to Architectural Education to fulfil demand of rising world. The trust has been engaged in providing students the concept of one-stop-shop for education i.e. completing their entire education from schooling to graduation to post graduation to Ph. D.

We PDEA proud to receive the Best Educational Institute award of Government of Maharashtra in 2000. Indeed, this endeavour of ours has made the PDEA, the educational destination of the first choice for the students.

We at the PDEA's College of Architecture believe in all-round holistic development of our students through curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular programs. For this, we have provided the state of the arts buildings with modern amenities such as good and well equipped Laboratories, rich Libraries, hands on Practice session in Studio, internet facilities, auditoriums, play grounds etc. This has been backed with the experienced and talented faculties to deliver excellent knowledge to the students. I congratulate you for your right choice for selecting our College of Architecture for your career development. However, I appeal the students to carry out their cardinal duty of learning process very sincerely in order to develop proficiency in written and oral communications and to achieve the set goals. I promise you that our experienced and learned faculties are with you to help for all the times.

Wish you all the best!

Honourable Secretary

Hon. Sandeep Kadam